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From engineering support for product development, supply chain, and quality assurance, to games testers, and the manufacturing distribution of high-end consumer technology, Manpower provides the world class talent solutions that power world-class technology.

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The types of roles we fill

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  • Assembler
  • Customer Service
  • Distribution & Warehouse
  • Electronics Test Technician
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Maintenance Technician


The number of small to mid-sized organizations that we work with annually to achieve their unique business goals


The average number of Manpower Associates on assignment monthly


Manpower Associates have been hired on by employers, a testament to our high quality people
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Let's Chat

Whether you have an immediate staffing need or just want to start a conversation about how you could improve your workforce strategy, reach out today and let's chat.
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Customer Stories

See how companies, like you, are successfully managing industry challenges.
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Critical Customer Touchpoint but High Attrition

A technology giant depends on its Midwest inbound Contact Center to advance customer satisfaction by quickly and thoroughly responding to customer questions/issues. Two types of agents are used: customer service or Tier 1 and technical assistance or Tier 2. Both are long-term temporary assignments. The Center’s once-a-year ramp up plan, high attrition rates and limited talent pools were creating problems for agent recruitment and attrition.
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Manpower Technical & Logistics Academies

In Belgium, 35 percent of employers say they are unable to fill open jobs. Lack of applicants is the most common reason, followed by lack of  applicants with the required skills. An estimated 30,000 of job vacancies in Belgium are in the technical and digital fields, including production operators, electricians, electronics engineers, mechanics, among others. A solution to overcome the significant skills gap was needed to remain competitive in the region.

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Clinical Application Development

The Statistical Programming and Analysis unit within a top 5 pharmaceutical company needed to streamline its programming processes to reduce the time it took to generate tables, listings, and figures. The company’s leaders recognized that the statistical programming effort that supports Clinical Research would be a viable area to improve efficiency through automation. To gain efficiencies, the company wanted to create a standard clinical macro system for statistical programmers. However, they did not have the application development expertise or the time available to build a system themselves.

Staffing Roles

I appreciate partnering with your staff in bringing temporary workers to our system. We are very happy with the response and timeliness of your team. We are also pleased with the ease our own candidates have in applying and obtaining a job through Manpower.

Employment Specialist
A Midwestern Health System

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