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Build the talent you need to power your future workforce

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In a world where exact-fit talent is rarely an option, employers must get more creative in identifying the talent that would, with some training, be a fit. Helping individuals be successful requires supporting their transition to a new career path, understanding their motivation, and enabling their professional development.

Manpower’s Employability Programs can be a vital and revitalizing component of your overall workforce strategy, and partnering with us brings expertise in design, execution, and management.

To help you define the right balance of talent to fit your needs and build the right pipeline of talent for your organization, we offer the following:

  • Program design and architecture
  • Program implementation
  • Full program management, including reporting and analytics
  • Upskilling management (Leveraging your technical training program, our network’s training partners, or our established and leading-edge MyPath Advanced Manufacturing acceleration programs)
  • Professional skills training and individual coaching

We know that building the talent you need to power your future is no easy task. Employers continue to face critical shortages of qualified talent while individuals are dealing with the very real need to reinvent themselves in a world where the skills that are in-demand keep evolving.

As your partner in talent development, we understand the future of manufacturing jobs and skills and how technology adoption is changing what you need. We also understand how to bridge the motivations and skills of individual workers to the in-demand jobs of the future. Let us partner with you to create a program that will build your future workforce.