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Discover your key differentiators to attract and retain top talent

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In a highly competitive talent market in which job candidates are increasingly selective, it is essential that you craft a clear and connected employer value proposition (EVP) that demonstrates what is positive about your organization and where the individual and team opportunities are. Who are you and what are you about as an employer? What do you offer, what do you value and what are you looking for from your workforce? How do you attract the right talent — the talent that wants to work with you to achieve your mission?

EVP components include:

  • Review and audit process culminating with a report on the current state of your value proposition
  • Industry comparatives to reveal your standing in the industry and/or geographical area
  • Optimal EVP workshop series – stakeholders evaluate findings and create new messages and strategies for improving or highlighting their EVP
  • EVP development – a creative and strategic presentation highlighting key EVP messaging for your organization’s EVP solution services
  • Additional services can also be provided including talent strategy, workforce planning, staffing services, and reporting services