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Contact Center Staffing

Your contact center is the voice of your company. Always composed under pressure, they are master problem-solvers and expert communicators. Manpower partners with contact centers of all sizes to help you staff onsite or at home agents. Our flexible staffing solutions let you ramp up or down depending on business or seasonal demands.  

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How We Help Optimize Your Contact Center

Top Recruiters

Dedicated recruiters identify and screen candidates & match them to your environment and business demands.  

Better Match

Reduce turnover and average handling time with top performers who have the right experience and attitude.  

Full Service Solutions

Just getting started? We can staff your contact center from the ground-up and help manage your workforce with dedicated, on-site representatives committed to your success, full-time.  

Specialized Virtual Workforce Solutions

A remote workforce that drives real results is humanly possible. From sourcing to continuous support, Manpower has the expertise needed to help you build and maintain a virtual workforce for your call center. Through use of tools like the RemoteWorkQ assessment, Manpower finds the best talent matches for you.
68 Game bàiLiên kết đăng nhập
68 Game bàiLiên kết đăng nhập

Request Staff

When you need contact center support, we can help. Send us a note and we'll respond quickly to talk about your requirements and get you the best fit staff for your organization.
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Customer Stories

See how companies, like you, are successfully managing industry challenges.
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Flexible Fills
of Permanent Employees

A large and expanding broadcast organization uses two tracks of Contact Center employees: inbound, to address technical support/billing/special orders, and outbound, to assist in sales. Management at the organization is keenly focused on customer service and market opportunity, and they continuously review analytics to pinpoint where to expand staff. They need a partner who can flexibly deliver enough permanent talent to fill a training class.
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Critical Customer
Touchpoint but High Attrition

A technology giant depends on its Midwest inbound Contact Center to advance customer satisfaction by quickly and thoroughly responding to customer questions/issues. Two types of agents are used: customer service or Tier 1 and technical assistance or Tier 2. Both are long-term temporary assignments. The Center’s once-a-year ramp up plan, high attrition rates and limited talent pools were creating problems for agent recruitment and attrition.
68 Game bàiLiên kết đăng nhập

Just-In-Time Fills for Diverse Client Pools

A large Contact Center in the South represents a variety of service providers. They source some of the orders in-house and rely on external assistance for large or difficult orders. Attrition had risen to 50%. With so many clients to coordinate, this Contact Center needed a partner they could rely on to deliver right-fit talent in a timely manner

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