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Skilled Technical Talent to Power the Future
of Manufacturing

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As Manufacturing continues to evolve,
so must your workforce.

Demand for technical talent in manufacturing is growing exponentially. These skilled technical roles power the modern manufacturing floor through automation and sustainability technologies. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are facing unprecedented high costs due to not having the right talent in the right job at the right time. For industry leaders embracing the next generation of industrial automation, Manpower® Skilled Technical is your first-choice partner for specialized Skilled Technical staffing and workforce solutions to power the modern world of manufacturing.

Skilled Technical Jobs

We have decades of experience in the manufacturing field, access to top talent, and a proven talent-match process. We even have a pipeline of qualified candidates ready to hire. Manpower Skilled Technical is focused on the kinds of jobs that are most in-demand within manufacturing for today and tomorrow:
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Quality Technicians
  • Manufacturing Technicians
  • Automation Technicians
  • Engineering Technicians
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What You Get with
Manpower Skilled Technical

How We Build
Skilled Technical Talent

In addition to our targeted methods for finding your best matched talented in the marketplace, we have upskilled many of our own Associates to fit Skilled Technical roles through access to our educational programs:

Manpower MyPath™

MyPath connects actively assigned Manpower Associates to opportunities to advance their skills and meet employers’ job needs today and into the future through personalized guidance, career development. education, and training. The Manpower Acceleration Programs in Manufacturing, in partnership with Tooling U-SME, offer several programs for Associates to upskill into in-demand skilled technical careers. Learn More →

Academy of Advanced

Manpower, in partnership with Rockwell Automation, produces this 12-week program designed specifically for U.S. veterans with some tech experience. The program helps veterans upskill and prepare for an in-demand advanced manufacturing role. Learn More →

Know the Total Cost of your Workforce

Whether you’re staffing up or downscaling, investing in automation, or staying the course, it pays to know your true workforce costs. Items like onboarding, turnover, quality, safety can add $ to your workforce costs. Learn how we can help with our proprietary Total Cost of Workforce calculator.

68 Game bàiLiên kết đăng nhập
68 Game bàiLiên kết đăng nhập

Manpower Engineering

Our engineering specialty delivers 3 million hours of professional engineering talent per year in the U.S. We provide project solutions and professional resourcing to fit your business, whether you need an interim design engineer, a project team for a critical initiative, or your next VP or engineering. Learn More →
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Manpower Manufacturing Solutions

Our focus on manufacturing is nothing new. We offer a suite of solutions designed to help you build your best workforce. The Institute for Workforce Innovation in Manufacturing is one of those resources, providing insights, applied research and thought leadership to inform manufacturing leaders. Learn More →
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