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Flexible Staffing

When agility in your workforce is critical to success, we have the flexible staffing solutions you need

Agility Leads to Opportunity

Our people capture new opportunity, smooth the impact of the ebbs and flows of your business, and turn unpredictability into an asset. Our flexible workforce solutions are ongoing extensions of your business that enable you to have more comfort in an ever changing world. Let us do the work.

Consider flexible staffing if you're being challenged with...

Rising or Unpredictable Staffing Costs

Low-Quality Talent

Increased overtime and turnover 

Manpower’s history of service with us is definitely important to their success with ongoing placements. Working with a firm that knows the personality and culture of our organization is extremely important to us. They are right on when selecting temporaries to work here – and we often end up hiring them!

Human Resources Director
Community Service Organization

I appreciate partnering with your staff in bringing temporary workers to our system. We are very happy with the response and timeliness of your team. We are also pleased with the ease our own candidates have in applying and obtaining a job through Manpower.

Employment Specialist
Midwest Health System

But wait, there's more

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Project Staffing

Together we can engage a temporary workforce to support a defined project-based need that is mobilized through our qualified talent pool. Just imagine all that you can accomplish with the best skilled people on your team to help you do it.

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Direct Hire

Organizations nationwide entrust us with employee recruitment to support their operations. The best talent matches for your organization are built from our relationships with passive talent then tailored by our relationship with you. 

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Onsite Management

Leaders turn to us to develop a higher performance organization through a managed workforce embedded in their operations, delivered by a dedicated team, and optimized through our ownership of its performance. 

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Work Ready

Now more than ever you must safeguard your most critical asset – your workforce. Manpower Work Ready staffing services deliver specialized help to strengthen your organization’s response and recovery during and after a health crisis.

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What could you do with a more flexible workforce?

Let's find out.
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